Our values

The NTG values symbolize our self-image. Their contents are a guideline and point of orientation for all of us. This is how we want to work!



We work with passion and combine a sense of duty with enthusiasm in our actions. We are enthusiastic about what we do. Challenges inspire us to think outside the box and grow beyond our horizons. Each of us fully exploits our personal potential as a specialist in our field. We work passionately for a good result, feel committed to always achieving our goals, and often outgrow ourselves in the process.



NTG is a global company. People from many different nations work for us. We respect each other regardless of gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, education or rank. Discrimination has no place in our company. Rather, we recognize and value diversity across borders.



The world is changing. We see challenges as an opportunity to generate long-term, profitable growth and to continue to develop. We invest in our employees and in our company. We educate ourselves and pass on many years of NTG know-how. Long-term success is what counts for us. We handle work equipment with care and avoid waste. This reduces costs and protects the environment. Furthermore, fair and good relationships with customers and partners are important to us. In this way, we secure the future of NTG and our jobs. Sustainable!



We stand for excellence in every respect. We are agile and responsive in our actions. We feel responsible for the consequences of our actions. Our employees, customers and business partners are our focus. We always treat them fairly, openly and appreciatively. We stand by agreements made and personally ensure that the needs of our customers, partners and suppliers are met. We set ourselves clear and ambitious goals, work carefully and purposefully, and thus maintain our position in the market.


Employee focus

Our employees are our greatest asset. For NTG, respectful interaction is the most important asset. We treat each other as equals, we look out for each other, and we deal with each other in a constructive and appreciative manner. We are a team, because only together we are successful. Every employee is important – from the boss to the trainee. We think and act across departments. Everyone takes responsibility. We integrate new employees into our NTG family, take an interest in each other and help each other