Pan-European transport

Our logistics solutions carry your cargo safely, reliably and on time to its national or international destination. In addition to part loads (LTL) and full loads (FTL), NTG Road also offers groupage and general cargo transport within its services.
In our procurement logistics, the first link in the supply chain, we organise the optimal and timely delivery and procurement of goods. Every day, we take care of the collection of any goods across Europe.

Groupage freight (general cargo) involves smaller consignments which are collected by small trucks or vans. We make use of our Europe-wide partner landscape, our international NTG network as well as simcargo.

Upon arrival at a logistics hub, NTG Road consolidates and optimises several shipments for further groupage transport in larger trucks. The consolidated freight is then transported according to a predefined route to the destination, where the last-mile delivery to the final point of use is arranged.

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