Supply Chain Solutions

The optimization of processes along the entire supply  chain by Supply Chain Solutions improves your procurement process. No matter in which part of the world your consignment is your shipment is needed, our tailor-made solutions will help you reach your destination quickly and reliably. With the ability to combine processes, we offer solutions tailored to your needs, with the aim of creating efficient processes and long-term delivery security, to generate.

Within the first link of the supply chain, procurement logistics, we organize optimal and timely deliveries and procurements of your goods. It is the link between your production and the delivery and storage of spare parts and materials. On a daily basis, we take care of the collection via road, rail, sea and air freight of any goods worldwide. On the one hand we use our own fleet and on the other hand we draw on the cooperation of our international partner network to offer you the best service.

One facet of our supply chain service is cross dock, where your goods are handled directly and shipped on to their destination. This way, your warehousing costs can be reduced and your goods can be delivered on time.

In addition to handling your goods, we also use order picking, where we ship your goods bundled with other goods to a destination. The shared costs of delivery again result in cost advantages for your processes.

When loading containers and trailers, we always make sure not to exceed the capacity utilization. By using our in-house freight measuring device, all goods are identified via barcode scan, weighed, measured and photographed, thus ensuring permanent control. In addition, our loading runs through a volume optimization program.

By maximizing the efficient use of the loading area, transport kilometers and empty runs can be reduced. In case of non-stackable pallets, we use table constructions to stow your goods in the best possible way within the loading area without damaging or endangering the goods.

Optimizing your processes with NTG has the following advantages for you:

  • Reduction of transport costs through consolidation of order items
  • Efficient inventory management and time savings
  • Operational improvement of your supply chain

We consult and implement supply chain solutions to help you reduce costs, improve visibility and enhance security. In addition to our broad range of services along the value chain, our portfolio also includes packaging solutions.

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