Temperature-controlled transports

To ensure the quality of your goods, we offer temperature-controlled transport under reliable climatic conditions for food and non-food goods within Europe.

Two factors are decisive for temperature-controlled transport. Firstly, the requirements of the goods and the climatic conditions along the supply chain. Permanent temperature control is therefore essential to ensure the quality of your goods.

During transport, we use multi-chamber systems that can be tailored to the required temperatures of your goods, ensuring a constant uniform temperature in the range -25°C to + 25°C throughout.  In addition, our trailers are monitored with GPS.

  • Transport handling in the range of – 25°C to + 25°C
  • Food & Non-Food
  • Permanent temperature control
  • Multi-chamber systems
  • GPS-monitored
  • A secure cold chain
  • High hygiene and safety standards along the entire logistics chain
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