Packaging Solutions

Packaging logistics must be coordinated with both warehouse and transport logistics. All three areas have in common that they are a link between production and distribution. Choosing the right packaging therefore affects the efficiency of your supply chain.

As an internationally operating company in the logistics industry, we understand the different requirements for packaging. Particularly in the area of general cargo shipments, it is important to ensure smooth handling with precisely fitting packaging.

Loose, non-palletized goods (e.g. individual packages) or bulky products (e.g. long goods) cause disruptions in the processes and often also damage. Pallets must be packed in such a way that they have as smooth-edged a cubic shape as possible. Typical here are Euro pallets, the dimensions of which fit ideally into the truck.

In order to make optimum use of the loading space of a container or trailer and to transport the goods intact from A to B, the stackability of the packaging must be ensured.

We optimize the loading of trucks and containers by means of our portfolio of packaging systems and lead to a complete utilization by means of our self-developed packaging solutions.

This means a reduction in transport costs and environmental impact. The most common packaging material for transport packaging is corrugated cardboard. The following packaging solutions can be found in our portfolio:

  • Flexboxx
  • Constructive – Packing
  • Standard packaging (IMC)
  • Euro pallets

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